What is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy?

What Exactly is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy? And Why is it Working for Me?: A blog about the different aspects of DBT and why it’s effective.

By Kara Lambert | Aug 10, 2022

Dialectical behaviour therapy has been around for a long time, but recently is becoming increasingly popular. This is because it is effective. Therapists and patients alike are finding that it can help people get over their cravings, help them with their behaviour, and get better. This blog will provide basic information about dialectical behaviour therapy…

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What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)? An introduction to CBT, how it works, why it is effective, & its suitability for different people.

By Kara Lambert | Jul 26, 2022

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is a type of therapy that can help with a number of issues. It is a structured approach where you learn how to identify negative patterns of thinking and behaviour and change them to more positive patterns. This blog will cover what CBT is, how it works, and how it could…

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Coummunity Counselling and Care

The Beginning

By Tech Support | Jul 6, 2022

Community Counselling and Care has evolved out of a desire to help others in hardship. For people who suffer from anxiety, depression, feeling lost and lonely. People in pain and for those who are misunderstood and removed from a sense of belonging. What is it that we have all in common? It is a sense…

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Daniel Wakefield Community Counselling and Care online counselling

Daniel Wakefield | Online Counselling | Face to Face Counselling

By CCandC Editor | Dec 11, 2017

For many years until my early twenties I had been working in various jobs as a general labourer in a number of different industries. A commitment to my own personal growth and life circumstances led me to studying elements of psychology, eventually leading to the completion of a Diploma in Professional Counselling in 1998. My…

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great step forward course

No Current Events

By CCandC Editor | Nov 24, 2017
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