The Beginning

Community Counselling and Care has evolved out of a desire to help others in hardship. For people who suffer from anxiety, depression, feeling lost and lonely. People in pain and for those who are misunderstood and removed from a sense of belonging.

What is it that we have all in common?
It is a sense of being human. So what is that? Needing to be understood in our brokenness, to feel connected with others and be seen for who we are, without judgement or being ‘corrected’. Having a safe place to explore who we truly are. Not by what the world and our culture tells us, but what our heart says.

Discovering ourselves is a journey
A journey unique like no-one else’s. We can’t discover ourselves in someone else, rather it is from discovering what we are not. Being heard and understood is the start of that journey as it gives us a safe place to explore who we really are.

Often when we are lost we are vulnerable

And as the vulnerable roam so do the vultures who take advantage of easy prey. People tell us what we want to hear to get what they themselves want, also empty but in a different way. There are those who aim to please and those who look to control. Different sides of the same coin but with one goal in mind. To seek wholeness.

As we are desperate to fill our void we became a magnet to toxic relationships, leading to further hurt and pain. As a way of medicating the pain we look for alternative ways of escaping. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, porn, workaholism, the lure of wealth and status, religion etc. We convince ourselves that life is about ‘feeling good’. We are free to do what we want but in that process we become enslaved and know that deep down inside we become hooked and sink into more self-demise leading to more of the same, spiralling down further into a pit of darkness.

It is not until we deal with our pain which has compounded over time and choosing to be amongst others who are walking the path towards personal growth that we start to see that everything has a purpose, even our past that once brought shame and guilt. As we work on our baggage we begin to see that it is the process of ‘being refined in the fire’ which brings us character in helping others walking a similar path as our own. We are able to understand and communicate in ways where others cant. Then we come full circle and the cycle begins again. It’s now your turn to give a leg up to others needing support and to pay it forward.

This is how Community Counselling and Care began

Good things come out of bad. Love is not self-seeking, but rather a natural culmination of unconditional acceptance in the brokenness of mankind and a willingness to work alongside of it with passion and purpose.

If you recognise yourself and you need our support then please contact us through the contact page.