Our models of care for online therapy and face to face

Community Counselling & Care does not take a generic ‘one size fits all’ approach.

While one particular model (e.g. Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT) has its merits in its effectiveness, this largely depends on the client’s circumstances, needs and/or capacity to both understand and apply specific skills. For example, grief and loss does not always require a change of thought patterns as it is a natural process which does not require correction. Rather, processing, empathy, listening, support and acknowledgement are the primary important elements towards healing. Mood disorders require self soothing strategies, identification and management of triggers, while psychotic illness may need a combination of knowledge, effective medication options combined with relapse prevention plans, various support structures and healthy coping techniques.

A genetic predisposition to mental illness cannot always be fully treatable with one form of therapy just as a physical condition can not always be improved by the way you think. Narrative therapy (story telling) is particularly important to Aboriginal people as Interpersonal Therapy is to those who hold spiritual beliefs. Motivational Interviewing has been shown as one of the most effective interventions for addiction and a combination of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and/or Exposure Therapy for anxiety (dependent on the type). Dialectic Behavioral Therapy is best suited to Personality Disorders (particularly Borderline).

The above are just a few examples. As everyOnline Therapy individual’s needs are different, the best outcomes for people therefore requires tailored support. Expertise not only involves recognising particular symptoms, but also knowing various models of therapy in depth which requires a sound ability in choosing a particular approach that would best suit your recovery. Mental health and human beings are complex. Therapy therefore needs to go beyond basic concepts to be effective. This skill set is not always possible due to the limited experience and training of some therapists and is therefore often dismissed as either irrelevant or non-essential. Scientific evidence suggests otherwise. This is not the case here at Community Counselling and Care.

Not only are you paying for a higher level of expertise combined with various other avenues of support, but also receiving this in a personable and non-intrusive manner without the jargon associated with clinical expertise. Additionally, while Community Counselling & Care has psychological and clinical expertise, it also takes on a holistic approach which includes societal, family and other environmental factors which are equally as important and effective in achieving positive outcomes.

Online therapy & face-to-face models

Some models of therapy used (but not limited to) include the following:

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